Hareepatti is into financial advisory that works around taking individuals and corporate houses to the greener side of money. Imparting financial wisdom and investment solutions, it gets best of advice from its three decades of experience to make sure your long-term and short-term goals are accomplished in a smooth manner, always. Hareepatti is a logical extension of the parent company, Trilok Singh & Associates, incepted by Ms. Gurleen Kaur’s father, Late Shri Trilok Singh Jee.

Ms. Gurleen Kaur today helps steer the wealth in directions that are advised based on your lifestyle, requirements and future plans.With her Experience and Continued Education,she has managed to provide Financial Literacy and Financial Freedom to more than 2000 People in past 12 years. she has been writing various blogs and posts to Impart Financial Education.

At Hareepatti, we think and act on client’s behalf, promise and deliver authenticity, ensure and exercise honesty and above all keep client’s benefit to the core of all its offerings…That is why clients who started with us are still with us.