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 January Newsletter issue


Making resolutions gets a completely new meaning especially at the time of New Year. This comes as no surprise as with advent of the new year, a sense of optimism and desire shines in our hearts. There is a longing, to do the things that we have been all waiting for. It is also the right time to forget and to make good the things that have gone wrong in the past year. From Facebook posts to Twitter Hash-tags, we can see we people putting up resolutions everywhere for 2015. In this article we share the top 15 resolutions that one can make to better their lives and also share few tips on how to actually stick to them….


Here is a headline even a pessimist cannot doubt. Indian E-Commerce is on fire. The hottest e-commerce market in the world is not in US or China or but it’s in India. Experts predict that the industry is poised to grow at a phenomenal rate of at least 50% year on year for next four years. What is driving this change? We take a quick look at the underlying reasons for this change. We also explore how we can adopt our evolving online behaviour over our traditional way of investing.

Author: Gurleen Kaur

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