Newsletter April 2015

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Financial well-being is what most of us desire in our lives.
However, not going into financial products and strategies, we
have taken a look at the underlying key drivers that impact
our decisions and define the extent of the well-being we
achieve. Financial Knowledge, financial behaviour and our
personal traits are the three pillars on which our financial
well-being stands and the absence of any one of them, can
only make matters worse.


CaptureMutual funds have been around for quite some time. The
common man, however, is still not trully aware of what
mutual funds are and what does it do. In complex, dynamic
financial landscapes, he is still comfortable in the shade of
traditional financial products and savings avenues. And for
him who just knows the term, mutual funds seems strange
and different from what one is generally used to deal with. In
his mind, he carries many myths and misconceptions, which
often casts its’ shadow on his investment decisions related to
mutual funds. In this article, we unravel the truth behind
these myths and misconceptions…

Author: Gurleen Kaur

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