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With the last financial year
closing recently, many of us
would have received or are
expecting to receive year end
bonuses. Most of us would have
already started planning on how
to spend this amount and
calculated the down-payment for
the new car loan or checked out
the latest gizmo you have been
waiting for or even searched for
the ideal destination for a
summer break. It is not
surprising that we often are well
planned and researched when it
comes to spending money.
Aren’t we?

Capture 1Well, there is a very thin dividing line
between financial well-being and
financial stress. The reason it is thin is
that we can easily walk away and
wander from the right path. If you are
not on top of your finances and are
doing things, making financial
decisions without proper awareness of
your goals and limits, you are most
likely to fall to the wrong side of that
dividing line. And as Suze Orman once
said “The only way you will ever
permanently take control of your
financial life is to dig deep and fix the
root problem.” The beginning of the
financial year is an opportunity for you
to get back onto this thin line and get in
control of your finances. Let us not miss
this opportunity.

Author: Gurleen Kaur

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