Crazy Things I have done in my life :-)

Last Sunday, I was sitting with my family and everyone started by narrating crazy incidences of their lives. Then I realized, I have very few crazy things done, its time to be more crazy, do more crazy stuff.


Sharing 5 Crazy things that I have done till date in my life. Target is to make the number to 50 in next one year.

Being caught in Mount Abu : On a school trip to Mount Abu in class VIIIth, we were  bunch of girl friends staying in one room. Little were we aware of the concept of mini bar. On checking in , there were 12 bottles of cold drinks and few packets of chips and peanuts. We finished everything in a single day and threw empty bottles and wrappers in the mountains thinking nobody would come to know.

On Checkout, we were caught and had to pay Rs. 500 each , “uske baad se kasam kha li, aaj ke baad mini bar ko haath nahin lagayenge. ” 🙂


Bunked the college:  “Usme kya hai..woh to sab hi karte hain ya sabne hi kiya hoga”
I was in first year and first month of my college life and since our college “ Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies “ was not part of any of the campuses, the urge to bunk was higher.









We did not use to have classes on Wednesday but the same was not known at my home. We made a plan for movie at Chanakaya on a wednesday but decided we all will come at the college time as usual. When I was leaving from home, my mother asked me , I hope you are going to college only (Maa too Maa hoti hai aur woh sab jaunt hai 😉 ) . As I was getting extra ready for first bunk of my life, she got a hint. Then, I left with a hop in my step.

At interval, I get a call from my papa, asking where was I, I said I am in the class. The next line that came from him gave me a shock of my life- “ I am in your college and the guard is saying Aaj College Band hai.“

Fir kya tha, Ulte kadam ghar ki taraf.


 Power lassi in Pushkar :  Yes in Pushkar, they call Bhaang mixed lassi as Power lassi. We told the guy who was making lassi for us to make a powerful one without knowing what after effects were. We were in a group and after having glass full went on a cafe bang opposite on third floor by the name “ Out of the Blue”. We hogged on to food and after 15 good minutes, lassi started showing its colors and a laughing riot was there  all over. We all kept laughing for hours by looking at each other and we knew “Shit had happened.”








Me and my husband went into different tangent altogether and whole life flashed in front of us. We got paranoid and felt as if “Is raat ki subah nahin.”

Our guest house was just across the road but believe me it took like 15-20 minutes to get down from 3rd floor. Finally, we reached our room and next morning was probably the Freshest morning I had experienced in a very long time.

Everyone in Pushkar knew us by then for the dhamaal we did last evening. This is one instance that I can never forget.


Danced in an uninvited Barat: “Begani Shaadi me Abdullah Deewana”  Suna toh bahut baar tha, ab uska swad chakh bhi liiya 😉







This happened last month in Udaipur. We were a Bunch of 6 Super crazy people who on seeing baraat and band jumped into baraat and danced like as if no one is watching and went along with baraat as if Humare yaar ki shaadi hai. Bas baraat ka khan reh gaya 😉

Had super duper fun.


A crazy girl married a crazier guy : Those who know us as a couple know hoe crazy this combination is. Marrying a super crazy person Tikku jee was the craziest thing ever done. I introduced Tikku jee to my family saying ” Since you are looking for a guy for me to get married, there is one guy I know who is also looking for a girl, see if it resonates.I am fine either ways :-)”









I don’t know what happened, after meeting Tikku jee, my parents were more stern on  getting me married to him than me. Bas fir kya tha, there was no looking back.

Looking forward to more Craziness and more stories 🙂

About the Author:  Gurleen Kaur Tikku is a Financial Consultant and devotes her time to her company She has done her Bachelors in Finance and Investment Analysis(BFIA) from College of Business Studies(CBS, Delhi) and MBA from IMT, Ghaziabad. She can be Contacted at

Author: Gurleen Kaur

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