Janab, Sirf Rs.508 ka sawaal hai!

Just taking out Rs. 508 / day can help you achieve the things in life which you have never thought of. Let me show you how it can change your Financial life to the next level:

Health cover: You can cover for your health for as low as Rs. 49/ day. Medical contingencies of a family can taken care by just shelling out Rs.49 per day for Family floater cover of 10 lacs. Health insurance provides cashless treatment in case of hospitalization and also takes care of pre and post hospitalization expenses.

Life Cover: You can get risk cover on your life for Rs. 1 Crores for Rs. 41 per day till 75 years of age. In case of loss of life till 75 years , the nominee will be getting Rs. 1 Crores.

Critical illness cover: You can cover yourself against 17 critical illnesses for just Rs. 7 per day . Critical illness is most commonly called as Living Death, if one survives critical illness- there is huge recurring cost to maintain the survival.

Retirement cover: We can also call it cover for zero salary days. There will be a time when we would not be working but our expenses will be running. We need to save for those days. It can be secured by paying just Rs. 165 per day and we shall get Rs. 6 Crores at the age of 60. (Assumed ROI 15 %)

Child’s dream career: You can have your child his/ her dream career at just Rs.246 per day . By investing Rs. 246 per day for next 20 years, you will be getting Rs. 1 crore for the higher education . (Assumed ROI 15 %).

In total, you have to take out just Rs. 508 every day which we don’t think twice before spending on Pizza / Ice creams or shopping. Most of us have complaints that we are not able to save enough out of our incomes , nothing is left for saving etc etc.

Do you feel, this amount is difficult to take out every day. No, its not ,All it needs is the right amount of planning and discipline.

Aur yeh sab hum kar kiske liye rahe hain, Apne liye na…Sochiyega!

Assumptions: All the calculations have been done for a Family of 4 with ages 30, 28, 4 and 2. 

All the above things are not unconditional like the unconditional love that you have  for your family.

There is a condition to it that you have to take all these decisions now when you are young as there is delay cost to procrastination. You will have to shell more out of your pocket if you start late and not even sure if the desired outcome will happen.

For example: If you delay buying health insurance, there is a probability that when you decide, the health condition may not be the same  and we not get cover of our choice or even no cover at all.

If you delay in planning for retirement  by say 15 years, start planning at the age of 40 instead of 25 (which most of us do), you will have to pay Rs.328 per day instead of Rs.165 and will have to settle for Rs.1.32 Crores which is Rs. 4 crores less than what we would have got if started earlier. We will have to cut down on our lifestyle in such case.

So, all it takes is Just Start Because “ The journey of thousand miles start with single step “ and  My favorite of all “ Kahin pe pahunchne ke liye kahin se se Nikalne bah zaroori hota hai “

About the Author:  Gurleen Kaur is a Financial Consultant and devotes her time to her company www.hareepatti.com. She has done her Bachelors in Finance and Investment Analysis(BFIA) from College of Business Studies(CBS, Delhi) and MBA from IMT, Ghaziabad.
She can be Contacted at gurleen@hareepatti.com 

Author: Gurleen Kaur

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