Add some SHARARAT to Financial life ;-)

We all have been Shararti (Naughty ) at some point of life. We have  been Shararti in school, Shararti at home, Shararti when we were young, Shararati when we grew up . There is some Shararat in everything that we do. The child within us have to be kept alive.          

Newsletter May 2015

Download May 2015 Newsletter HERE   With the last financial year closing recently, many of us would have received or are expecting to receive year end bonuses. Most of us would have already started planning on how to spend this amount and calculated the down-payment for the new car loan or checked out the latest

Newsletter April 2015

Download April Newsletter Here Financial well-being is what most of us desire in our lives. However, not going into financial products and strategies, we have taken a look at the underlying key drivers that impact our decisions and define the extent of the well-being we achieve. Financial Knowledge, financial behaviour and our personal traits are

Newsletter January

 January Newsletter issue Making resolutions gets a completely new meaning especially at the time of New Year. This comes as no surprise as with advent of the new year, a sense of optimism and desire shines in our hearts. There is a longing, to do the things that we have been all waiting for. It