8 Financial Mantras for Powerful Women!!

 I try to Chant and Implement these mantras in my life. Thought of sharing it: React and Act: Stop reacting emotionally to matters that involve money. Before acting and reacting , think from 360 degrees angle and take calcualted decisions. Change impulse choices to informed choices   Educated and Informed Decisions: Educate yourself about all

Simplifying Personal Finance for Women.

“There is Nothing More Beautiful than a Confident Women” Boost Your Confidence by Asking Empowering Questions. Some frequently asked Personal Finance questions have been summarized which I am sure every women can relate to her Life at some point. Ques: Why is it so important for today’s women to invest in future? Ans: There are

Workshop on Financial freedom

14th August 2013, New Delhi  Gurleen kaur conducting workshop on”Get Freedom from your Financial worries.” Each one of us has Goals/Dreams in life…Small or Big. All goals/ Dreams have to do away with money. They could be planning to buy a bike or a car, Foreign Holiday, Child education, Child marriage , Dream home, Retirement.