Eh Pi yaani HP yaani Barre Brand !

What comes to your mind when you hear “HP.”  What will it stand for-  Hypothecation as in loan Horsepower as in Units But Today, we are going to see how many brand names/ places etc have HP in them: Hewlett Packard: The first brand that comes to everyone’s mind is HP computers. The company was

F.R.E.S.H – a NEW approach :-)

Start New Year 2017 with a FRESH Perspective. 2017 is the year of new beginnings, “No one’s ever achieved financial fitness with a January resolution that’s abandoned by February.” You can have a great year 2017 provided you look at things with the FRESH perspective, take the First step, Reset, Encourage yourself to take decisions, Get

Top 10 reasons why people don’t become Wealthy ?

Why is it that people don’t become wealthy? In a country like India, which has the right set of demographics, opportunities for business can be found in everyday life.  Certainly, opportunities abound for those who set their eyes on achieving something big in their life. The question then arises is; Why there are so many people