5 Steps to start new FY 2017-18 with a Bang !

Wishing a Fresh Start and beautiful new beginning of FY 2017-18. This time of the year is usually light and gives you fresh energy to shape how your new Financial year will look like. It gives ample time to think about your Finances . One can actually review Personal Finances and assess where they stand.

Healthy Wealth aur Wealthy Health !

Today after a great struggle, I rejoined  my fitness classes. Yes, it is a universal truth that magic begins to happen beyond your comfort zone. I had ‘x’ number of reasons which kept procrastinating my decision to  workout but also when figured out , I had ‘20x’ reasons to do so and I did. Better

Finance ke Raaz..Filmy Andaaz :-)

Reel life is inspired by Real life and at times it is vice versa. Movies started way back in 1900s and craze & popularity is increasing with each passing year. Let me admit, I am a big movie Buff and I switch on TV for only movies. Also, being a financial adviser, I see personal finance

Emergency Fund: A Rescue in Bad times !

A lot of startups follow this principle of “Hire slow and Fire Fast.” Pink slips are flying thick and fast at startups and internet-based companies across the country. Recently, Flipkart was in news but for a different reason. Flipkart is showing the door to around 700 employees. Previously, Snapdeal, Zomato, Grofers, Housing, TinyOwl and a host