Add some SHARARAT to Financial life ;-)

We all have been Shararti (Naughty ) at some point of life. We have  been Shararti in school, Shararti at home, Shararti when we were young, Shararati when we grew up . There is some Shararat in everything that we do. The child within us have to be kept alive.          

KBC “Kab tak Crorepati”

An article on KBC winner Sushil Kumar’s Finances in Hindustan times yesterday made me publish this long back written unpublished post on how one should manage big money from Gameshow or Jackpot. Life has come full circle for Sushil Kumar, winner of the fifth season of Sony TV’s popular game show Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) in 2011, the first

Even Mountains can teach us Financial Planning!!

A short trip to mountains last week made me realise “How mountains can teach us so much and specially can teach us Heaps in the area of Personal Finance management.”  Sharing five things  that I  found that one could relate to: Aspire to reach heights: Hills Aspire to reach the sky. Sky is the limit.

Simplifying Personal Finance for Women.

“There is Nothing More Beautiful than a Confident Women” Boost Your Confidence by Asking Empowering Questions. Some frequently asked Personal Finance questions have been summarized which I am sure every women can relate to her Life at some point. Ques: Why is it so important for today’s women to invest in future? Ans: There are

Eight Reasons for you to opt for Systematic Intelligent Plan!!

Most commonly known as Systematic Investment plan. Some also call it modified Recurring deposit(RD). SIP is an intelligent form of investing.  SIP is not a product, its a simple tool to invest.  Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is basically investing an amount systematically over a period of time in Mutual funds. Rather than accumulating an amount