Add some SHARARAT to Financial life ;-)

We all have been Shararti (Naughty ) at some point of life. We have  been Shararti in school, Shararti at home, Shararti when we were young, Shararati when we grew up . There is some Shararat in everything that we do. The child within us have to be kept alive.          

5 ways to save money by Spending Smartly!

Eating out: With rising prices of food items and other condiments, eating out has also become costlier, one can plan eating out and make use lots of offers available out there like discounted Lunch/ Brunch buffets , online coupons of restaurants all over at and many other promotional websites. The same experience can be

Why is Financial Planning Important for Women?

During the Past 13 years of my career as Financial Advisor, we have rarely been approached by Women for Financial Planning. Women tend to leave their Financial Planning to their Husband/Father, and most of the times there is a huge mismatch between the Actual Need and Action Taken. Thankfully, in the past 1 year we have been noticing a