5 Financial Planning Decisions That Every Woman Must Make

5 Financial Planning Decisions That Every Woman Must Make

Ever wondered how women from any strata of society have been able to manage their household expenses so seamlessly? It’s a chance that women take charge of their money matters by shifting the focus from savings to investments. In today’s world, there’s no course to escape from the scenes where women and finances will have to converge. Thus, being well prepared to meet the necessities and taking charge of the finances is the main way out to survive and sustain in the modern world.

Let us here pay attention to some of the ways and achievable strides for women to ensure having their finances secure.

1. Understanding your financial needs
It’s not that women are spendthrifts in all the cases; it’s due to the basic emotional nature of why women tend to spend money in an unplanned order. To understand your financial need is a primary step, to get this in order, women must build up a relevant plan. Ask yourself if you’re aware of your own cash flows. This will assist you with keeping a track of your surplus or deficit for each month. Alongside, it’s vital for you to determine how much of your income is being saved? And, do you have your emergency funds ready?

2. Preparing for emergency breaks

Emergency Savings
Emergencies do not come with prior appointments, so it’s important that one should always be well-prepared for it by maintaining an emergency fund for the same reason. It’s ideally safe to have money in a bank account for close to 3 to 4 months of one’s expenses on monthly basis. With this, it’s important to have some spare cash handy for any emergency.

3. Being Financially proficient
It’s typically half-knowledge or lack of awareness which prompts hesitance amongst women when it comes to finances. One of the major reasons why women take a back seat is because; they often rely on men to take the lead for the same. The best way to overcome this is by increasing your knowledge of financial products and staying updated with the latest developments.

4. Be debt-free

Staying debt free
With such an easy access to EMI schemes and loans, an ever-increasing Indians are under debt than any other time. If you are under a debt, you are not alone. However, before you turn 30, it’s optimal for you to get rid of it – or at least take steps towards reducing the debt. The next time you expect a hike in your salary or a bonus, utilise it to prepay your loan instead of investing it elsewhere.

5. Focus on your retirement
You might not be worrying about your 60s in your 20s – but you should. Saving for a work-free future is one of the most important financial decisions you can make, right from your 20-something. Women need to be more cautious about their retirement time as they tend to have a longer lifespan in comparison to men. So it’s likely that women may confront financial hardships in their retirement life since they typically tend to live longer.

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