20 Changes that I anticipate will happen in 2020

I can foresee, things will change for us in a BIG way. The testing times change lot of things and  the quote “ Necessity id the mother of invention” will hold true. There will be new life after Corona is over. There is a Chance to Change Now.

1. Life will Change to living on basics as it used to be in our Grandfather- Grandmother’s time.

2. Dependancy on others will be reduced.

3. Household chores will be taken care by self.

4. One will learn to grow own food.

5. One will learn to cook their own food.

6. We will learn to cut down on our expenses.

7. People will first save and then spend, Emergency fund will be built. People will not overspend .

8. Travel will reduce , slowly culture of working from home digitally will build atleast one- two days a week.

9. Travel domestic as well as international will reduce.

10. The value of Life insurance and Health insurance will be realized and will be considered important.

11. People will believe in repair more like it used to happen in the older times and not buying new at the drop of hat , Impulse and unnecessary purchases will go down.

12. We will learn to live in limited means and urge of spending more than we earn shall go down. Buying things that we don’t need will reduce drastically.

13. There will be new ways invented to work.

14. Spend of Luxury will be contained for some time

15. Future retail loans- Auto loan, home loan , personal loan will go down as we learn to live within the means.

16. People will start valuing life more and stop taking it for for granted.

17. There will be a new DIGITAL way of doing everything- Online Education, Online medical consultation, Online meetings.

18. We will cultivate and hone new skills.

19. Need for Mental wellness will increase to help people retain their positive mental health.

20. It is not the strongest that survives, but the species that is able to adapt and adjust best to the changing environment.

About the author: Gurleen Kaur Tikku is a Financial Consultant and devotes her time to her company www.hareepatti.com. She has done her Bachelors in Finance and Investment Analysis(BFIA) from College of Business Studies(CBS, Delhi) and MBA from IMT, Ghaziabad.. She can be Contacted at [email protected]

Disclaimer: Images have been sourced from google.com

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