Bollywood Songs That Tell Us Importance of Money

The money and its importance in our lives is what most of us are feeling while going through this crisis. It is said that Money can’t buy happiness, but it surely can help you to deal with crisis when the economy is not doing good. 

Bollywood has various songs on the same theme – “Money in our lives.” Complied them here for you so that you have a good time watching them 🙂

“Paisa Paisa Karti Hai ” { Movie : De Dana Dan , 2009 }

The song is of the film De Dana Dan where Akshay Kumar is reminding Katrina Kaif again and again that she should not be greedy for money everytime and well should clear all her liabilities and dues.

“Na Biwi Na Bacha, Na Baap Bada Na Maiya, The Whole This Is That Ke Bhaiyya Sabse Bada Rupaiyya ” { Movie : Sabse Bada Rupaiyya , 1976 }

Sabse Bada Rupaiya talks of the power and magic of money. Money helps everyone to fulfill their desires and lead their lives comfortably. It explains that money works everywhere.

“Jai Jai Money ” { Movie : Apna Sapna Money Money , 2006}

The movie is entirely based on money. The movie shows bunch of characters crazy for money. The story evolves around a bunch of madcap characters that eat, drink, sleep and worship money.

“Paisa Yeh Paisa ” {Movie : Karz , 1980}

One of the most popular songs by Kishore kumar from the 1980 movie karz showing veteran actor Rishi Kapoor showing moves and dancing to the tune.

The famous lines from the song  say ‘Nahee Koyee Aisa Jaisa Yeh Paisa. Ke Ho Musibat Naa Ho Musibat’ . The song tells they are no worries and problems if you have money. It again highlights the importance of money.

“Cash Meri Aankhon Mein ” { Movie : Cash , 2007 }

Another movie that shows the cast working hard and trying their best to get money. It simply shows that race for money that people runs in daily lives.

“Aamdani athani kharcha Rupaiya” {Movie : Aamdani athani kharcha Rupaiya }

One of the movie that shows about circumstances of overspending and exploiting money. It tells about the problems that can come when you spend more than your earnings

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