6 Lessons from the series “Scam 1992- Harshad Mehta”

 I had read broadly about the 1992 Financial scam, however after watching the 1992 scam series on Sony LIV. I have huge huge respect for the man – Mr. Harshad Mehta, he was visionary & with amazing business acumen.

1. Ek aur Ek gyarah hote hain:

Harshad’s biggest support – Mr. Ashwin Mehta was always by his side in good and bad times which helped him in a big way. It is always great to have someone you trust by your side.

2.Chinta Chita ke samman hoti hai:

This is seen in the series  3 times

– First when Mr.Shantilal Mehta passes away when the first loss happened in stock market by his sons.

-Second when Mr. Kharmani with NHBank being interrogated by CBI passed away with stress and

-Thirdly when Mr. Harshad Mehta in the last episode got heart attack in the jail.

3.You will have to help yourself:

At one point, after being released from jail, Mr. Harshad says in Delhi that I know I can only help myself and no one else will. So, one should not be dependent on others or expect others to come to rescue in times of despair. Even though support is something which is great to have but relying completely may not be correct.

4.Confidence is the most beautiful thing you can possess:

 Even after losing all his possessions, Mr. Mehta stood tall every time with new hope and confidence.

5.Success kya hai? Failure ke baad ka chapter;

When Mr. Harshad Mehta fails/ incurs losses for the first time in life which were their family’s life savings, gets up and starts walking towards path of success is actually a big lesson for all os us. The problem is most of don’t even get up after being failed in life.

6.Risk hai toh Ishq hai;

 You will have to take some amount of risk for everything you want to achieve in life. The biggest risk is not taking any risk at all. In other words, No Pain- No gain.

About the author: Gurleen Kaur Tikku is a Financial Consultant and devotes her time to her company www.hareepatti.com. She has done her Bachelors in Finance and Investment Analysis(BFIA) from College of Business Studies(CBS, Delhi) and MBA from IMT, Ghaziabad. She can be Contacted at [email protected]

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